7 Steps to the Perfect Cheese Plate

With the holidays just around the corner, a cheese plate is a perfect appetizer for entertaining and an easy way to impress your guests!  Follow our steps below to make your perfect cheese board.


Step One: Pick your board

Pick your favorite cutting board or serving platter – even a cookie sheet will do!  Make sure you have a cheese knife, and any other serving utensils you may need.


Step Two: Add your cheeses

Hit up your local farmers market or co-op for the best local cheeses in your area.  Make sure to bring a variety!  You can mix it up with:

  • The TEXTURE of your cheeses – soft, semi firm, hard/aged cheeses
  • The TYPE of cheese – cow, sheep, goat, vegan

Display the cheeses in different forms – spears, wedges, cubes, whole.

Separate strong smelling cheeses.

Try to serve at least one familiar cheese.  Our favorite: Dirty Girl from Prodigal Farms.  This mild but complex cheese makes a unique addition to any cheese plate!


Step Three: Add something salty

Start filling in the open spaces on your board.  Something salty always pairs nicely with a creamy cheese!  Our favorite additions:

  • Charcuterie – salami, sausage, prosciutto
  • Nuts – Marcona almonds, roasted peanuts, pistachios
  • Olives, Roasted red peppers, Pickled veggies


Step Four: Add something sweet

Once you’ve added salty, you need to contrast it with something sweet!

  • Dried apricots, Sliced apples and pears, Grapes


Step Five: Add a selection of crackers and bread

Pile on the carbs!  Add a selection of crackers for you guests – you’ll want to vary the taste and texture for these as well.  Breadsticks and crostini are a nice touch too!


Step Six: Add condiments

Our favorite choice of condiments is obviously HONEY!  You can add a variety of condiments to your cheese plate easily – especially if they already come in cute little jars.

Additions: jams, chutneys, fancy mustards, caponata, tapenade, nut butter

Our favorites:  our very own honey from Bee Downtown and all the delicious nut butters from Big Spoon Roasters!


Step Seven: Enjoy!

Embrace some organized chaos – arrange everything in deliberate piles and then dig in!  Don’t forget to pair with your favorite Honeygirl Mead!

For the perfect Honeygirl pairings, check out our suggestions below for some awesome flavor combinations!



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