Your local dollars and your support helped us achieve a lot this year. As a small business making and selling hand-crafted wines from honey, we build our business through one-on-one experiences with you, and we like it that way!

Here’s a quick summary of our third year:

We’ve poured hundreds of cases of free samples at farmers markets and special events; we’ve  introduced thousands of you to our seasonal line-up of meads throughout the year with a guided mead tasting in our tasting room.

Our tasting room may be small in size, but we improved the guest experience this year as we opened up for more hours, created more seated space for you to hang out and hosted our first trivia night!  

We more than doubled our staff: we now have nine part-time employees, one full-time employee, and the same one full-time owner who started it all. The Honeygirl crew is a dedicated and extremely talented group who create the fun experiences that you continue to rave about on our social media platforms.

We are a good employer, aware that it takes a village, and grateful for the team that creates the Honeygirl experience and that works behind the scenes too. We still have the same first employee on staff. This September we bid a fond farewell to our second hire, who had been with us for all three years and is moving on to start his own meadery. So, we’ve incubated at least one other new meadery too!

This year we purchased over 2500 pounds of local honey, more than 600 pounds of local fruit, and over 6000 corks, bottles and labels…all with NC-based businesses and farms.

We logged over 3000 business miles bringing our meads to remote special events, and delivering to over 2 dozen local bottle shops, coops, and restaurants.

Thank you for being part of our journey to become a local treasure. You make what we do special, and we’re so glad we get to share this mead adventure with you!





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