In The Hood Diane Currier

Finding our space was as first so daunting, then all of a sudden it become very simple. We don’t know how you are with making big decisions, but the location of the meadery felt like such a big decision, and it wasn’t easy to choose which area of town to be in. 

We thought about Ninth Street, American Tobacco, Brightleaf, the DIY District, and the Durham Chapel Hill Boulevard, just for starters, because some of our favorite businesses are there. As we were looking at one building on the Boulevard, the realtor said, “you might have a zoning problem making alcohol here, you better check.” 

OK, so we should have known this already, but it had not occurred to us that some places would be unavailable to us because of the business we were in. The realtor’s comment was quite correct, and this is when the search suddenly became easy. We could only locate the business in specific areas, deemed suitable for ‘industrial’ use. 

With this new focus, we were able to hone in on just a couple of properties that met our requirements. Of course we used the fabulous Downtown Durham Inc. website to help us find our perfect spot once we had the zoning restrictions figured out. It quickly became clear that we were meant to be on the edge of downtown, in an area that is just about to explode with local artisan alcoholic beverages. 

The Brothers Vigalys make their awesome Krupnikas just around the corner from us, and in fact they were a major inspiration for us. What they are able to achieve in a small space is incredible, and they ferment with honey too! Bull City Burgers and Brew is very nearby, and Triangle Brewery is right down the road too, both great examples of Durham’s fine brewery businesses. Now Bull City Ciderworks has landed just a block away, with their amazing hard ciders on the way for summer 2014.  Honeygirl Meadery is pleased to be in such good company.


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