Our Meads

Honeygirl Meadery makes meads with seasonally available local fruits, flowers, and herbs, and so our meads change throughout the year.

We make three styles of mead:

  • Traditional meads: The focus is on the honey…wildflower, orange blossom, and other varietal honeys are the stars of these meads.
  • Fruit meads: Taste the season. These meads are made with fresh, local fruits. Capturing a moment on a North Carolina farm, and drinking it in a glass.
  • Herb meads: We love meads infused with herbs. They accent the honey in incredible ways, and are often made with beneficial botanicals like chamomile, sage, or rosemary.


Bourbon Barrel Aged Apple Cyser

fruity | oaked | semi-sweet | 13.6 %

Made with NC wildflower honey and fresh NC apple cider, this small batch, semi-sweet mead has been aged for several months in a bourbon barrel from our friends at Mystic Distillery.

    Currant Mead

    berry | fruity | semi-sweet | 12% abv

    Made with wildflower honey and red & black currants, this semi-sweet mead has bold, tart and tannic berry flavor perfect for all you red wine drinkers out there.

      fresh lemonthyme accents our Hibiscus Mead

      Hibiscus Lemonthyme Mead

      floral | herbal | off-dry | 11.5% abv

      This recipe won our first ribbon at the 2012 NC State Fair in 2012, and is one of our favorites. Earthy, floral and herbal, dry and complex with honey essences. Made with NC wildflower honey, local fresh lemonthyme, organic dried hibiscus flowers.

        fresh figs

        Barrel Aged Fig & Oak Mead

        fruity | oaked | semi-sweet | 13.4 %

        Made with NC wildflower honey and roasted figs, this small batch, semi-sweet mead has been aged for ten months in a Petit Verdot barrel from our friends at Sanctuary Vineyards.

          Blueberry Mead

          berry | fruity | lightly sweet | 11.5% abv

          There is nothing like a cool blueberry patch in the morning, with the dew glistening on the berries. Fresh-picked blueberries and wildflower honey crate a lovely balance of tart with a light touch of honey sweet. It is made from fresh-picked local blueberries from Dandies Farm (Rougemont NC) and NC wildflower honey.

            Cranberry Rosé Mead

            sparkling | fruity | sweet | 6% abv

            Session mead made with wildflower honey, cranberries and white grape juice. Mimicking all the characteristics of a rosé wine – pink and fruity!

              fresh figs

              Fig Orange Mead

              honeyed | delicate | semi-sweet | 12.5% ABV

              Fresh figs at the peak of season are a thing of beauty. Our figs came from Durham County, and are a mix of Celeste and Brown Turkey varieties. We roast them for a slight caramel touch, and add NC wildflower honey. The result is a delicate yet complex semi-sweet honeyed fig mead with hints of citrus fig and caramel.  Silver Medal, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

                Orange Blossom Mead

                honeyed | semi-sweet | 12.5% abv

                We use 100% orange blossom varietal honey for this traditional semi-sweet mead. The honey comes from bees placed in orange groves, imparting a light orange hint to the honey. The mead is aged for at least 9 months to let it develop a smooth and silky honey taste.

                  Wildwood Mead

                  smooth honey | oaked | off-dry | 12.5% abv

                  Richly complex, our Wildwood Mead begins with a dark, Fall-extracted wildflower honey with deep, dark, sorghum and buckwheat notes. Fermented and then aged for 27 months to develop smooth, deep honey notes. We add french oak during the last 4 months of the aging process, to deepen the complexity with touches of vanilla and butterscotch.

                    Strawberry Mead

                    fruity | aromatic | dry | 12.5% abv

                    Strawberry season, captured in a glass. Our Strawberry mead features local berries picked at the peak of sunshine and freshness. We ferment the berries with NC wildflower honey. The result is like breathing in the strawberry field and sipping on the sunshine. Fresh and fragrant, light-bodied and dry, with a soft, lingering strawberry finish.  Silver Medal, NC State Fair | Silver Medal, Western NC Wine Competition

                      Spiced Apple Cyser

                      comforting | semi-sweet | 12% abv

                      This mead tastes like apple pie - with sweet apples and warming spices melting in your mouth with a hint of honey and buttery crust. It's a semi-sweet, spiced version of our Apple Cyser, with a wonderful apple aroma from four kinds of apples in the local cider blend from Perry Lowe Orchards. Made with NC wildflower honey and NC apple cider.  Silver Medal, Dixie Classic Fair

                        Mango Mead

                        tropical | light | semi-sweet | 12.5% abv

                        Tropical, fresh mangoes add a lightly sweet and juicy citrus character to this mead.  Fermented with clover honey and mangoes, then infused with a touch of organic Dragon Well green tea for balance and tannin.

                          Strawbanero Mead

                          fruity | spicy | semi-sweet | 12.5% abv

                          This lightly sweet mead starts with fresh berries and finishes with a little heat. Fermented with NC strawberries, wildflower honey and infused with habanero peppers.  1st Place Ribbon, NC State Fair

                            Strawberry Vanilla Mead

                            berry | fruity | semi-sweet | 12.5% abv

                            Sweet and aromatic, fresh strawberries are fermented with wildflower honey and then infused with vanilla beans to create this lush, berries-and-cream sensation.

                              Maplewood Mead

                              honeyed | oaked | semi-sweet | 12.5 %

                              This semi-sweet mead is rich with bold honey and maple notes. Made with NC wildflower honey, dark maple syrup and aged on oak to perfection.

                                Flower Power Mead

                                sparkling | light | semi-sweet | 6% abv

                                Session mead made with NC Wildflower honey, hibiscus petal tea, jasmine flowers and rose petals. Floral, refreshing and lightly sweet.

                                  fresh blueberries are used in our hand-crafted blueberry mead

                                  Blueberry Meadjito Mead

                                  sparkling | fruity | sweet | 6% abv

                                  Mojito inspired session mead made with wildflower honey, fresh NC blueberries, lime juice & zest and local mint.

                                    Farmhouse Wildflower Mead

                                    honeyed | traditional | semi-sweet | 12 %

                                    A semi-sweet traditional mead made with Virginia wildflower honey, aged for one year for smooth delicate floral and earthy notes.

                                      COMING SOON

                                      fresh lavender

                                      Lavender Mead

                                      floral | earthy | semi-sweet | 12% abv

                                      Floral and with a slight sweetness, this mead is about relaxing and lingering. We infuse fresh-dried local lavender flowers from Sunshine Lavender Farm (Hurdle Mills NC) into our Orange Blossom traditional. This mead won our first commercial medal at the 2015 NC State Fair Wine Competition.

                                        Strawberry Guava Mead

                                        berry | fruity | semi-sweet | 12.5% abv

                                        A juicy, tropical mead bursting with fresh fruit! Mead with fresh strawberries, guava juice and wildflower honey.

                                          Lavender Lemonade Mead

                                          sparkling | light | semi-sweet | 6% abv

                                          Session mead made with fresh-dried local lavender flowers from Sunshine Lavender Farm in an orange blossom traditional semi-sweet mead, and blended with fresh lemonade.