Celebrate North Carolina Mead

Did you know that mead is wine, made from fermented honey?  So be sure to thank your favorite pollinator, the honeybee, next time you imbibe!  Meadmakers today are bringing a modern twist to this historic beverage, focusing on the terroir of the honeybee and local ingredients.

It’s North Carolina Wine Month AND National Honey Month, so what better time to introduce the NC Mead Alliance?!  A place where you can find everything you need to know about all the great meaderies in North Carolina – news, events, releases and more!  Mead is popping up everywhere, and we now have a dozen meaderies in North Carolina as of 2018.  You can follow the NC Mead Alliance on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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September is time to celebrate the creativity and accomplishments of the North Carolina wine community.  In that respect, we are featuring all the current North Carolina meaderies below.


Starrlight Mead – 220 Lorax Lane, Pittsboro NC

Husband and wife duo, Ben and Becky Starr, have been in the mead business since 2010.  Not only are they the masterminds behind the NC Mead Alliance, but they’ve been working their butts off to open a brand new mead hall in Pittsboro this year!  The award winning meads at Starrlight span from the traditional, to fruit forward, to creative, like their Mead-a-rita. 

Honeysuckle Meadery – 601 W Main Street, Carrboro NC

Honeysuckle Meadery is the newest meadery to hit the Triangle area.  Head meadmaker, William, plans to debut his meads at their tasting room in downtown Carrboro this October.  We even hear there’s a peanut butter and jelly mead in the works!

Honeygirl Meadery – 105 Hood Street #6, Durham NC

Honeygirl Meadery celebrates nature and the work of honeybees by making meads with seasonal fruits, flowers, herbs and honey. In our small, urban winery in downtown Durham, meadmaker Diane creates hand-crafted libations made in small batches with all natural ingredients.  We are expanding our tasting room this Fall; lookout for flights coming soon!

Fox Hill Meadery – 33 Selby Court, Marshall NC

Fox Hill Meadery is a family run operation located about 20 minutes north of Asheville, NC and was the first meadery founded in North Carolina. Owner and meadmaker, Jason, has been brewing mead, beer, wine, and ciders since 1995. He owned a homebrew shop prior to opening his meadery.  Visit their tasting room by appointment only.

Bee & Bramble – In stores only

Bee & Bramble is a small meadery in the Appalachian mountains specializing in small batch, unfiltered meads with local honey and ingredients.  Find them in bottle shops throughout the state!

Werhloom Honey – 257 Willie Colvin Road, Robbinsville NC

Werhloom Honey is located in the last dry county in North Carolina.  However, since they use the honey from the 100’s of honeybee hives they own, they are able to produce and sell their meads in Robbinsville.  For a truly local North Carolina experience, be sure to check out their meadery/honey shop and try their latest release – Apple-achian Cyser!

Black Mountain Ciderworks and Meadery – 104 East Side Drive #307, Black Mountain NC

Black Mountain Ciderworks and Meadery specializes in session meads, fermented to achieve a lower alcohol content, for a more approachable, easy-sipping mead.  Meadmaker Jessica, uses local honey and creative ingredients to make her small batches with their selection changing quite frequently.  Try Sima, a wild-foraged mead with clover-blossom honey, lemons and wild-foraged local muscadine raisins while it lasts!

Alchemy Herbal Wines – In stores only

Alchemy’s meads are coming out of the Asheville area, using local honey and as many organic and local ingredients as possible.  Specializing in metheglins (herbal meads), you can find their meads in bottles shops throughout the state. 

Windsor Run Cellars – 6531 Windsor Road, Hamptonville NC

The award winning meads at Windsor Run Cellars have been a long-standing, popular addition to their wine offerings. Meadmaker Kevin, and distiller Dana, often fortify and distill their meads.  Be sure to try their Hillbilly Holiday fortified cyser – or if you’re feeling something a little stronger, Killer Bee liquor, using that formidable, African killer bee honey! 

World’s Edge Meadery – 408 Appleola Road, Hendersonville NC

Located at Point Lookout Vineyards in Hendersonville, World’s Edge Meadery truly makes you feel that you’re on the edge of the world.  With picturesque views of the mountains and a laidback atmosphere, you can relax all afternoon with a bottle of their soothing Chamomile Mead, or any of the other great meads on their line up. 

Good Road Ciderworks – 117 Southside Drive, Charlotte NC

Charlotte’s beer scene is definitely creative, but add cider and mead to the mix and you have something truly unique!  Head meadmaker Kevin, is bringing some delicious meads to the table that focus on the strong character that honey provides.  Try their Avogadro’s Trail, using avocado blossom honey, or their Grove de L’orange, using orange blossom honey, to see just how different each honey can be!

Coming Soon:

Keeper’s Cut Meadery – 175 W Henderson Street, Marion NC

We can’t wait for Keeper’s Cut to open this year!  Their tasting room and event space is going to be gorgeous!

Bragging Rooster Meadery – 120 S Main Street, Warrenton NC

We don’t like to “brag,” but RJ, the meadmaker at Bragging Rooster Meadery, used to work in Honeygirl’s tasting room!  Still a meadery in planning, we can’t wait for his creations to be available to the public.  Yes, his Donut Mead really tastes like a donut!  Yum!

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