Holiday Open House 12/18/15 at Honeygirl

This week we saw the first daffodils open their cheery yellow flowers. It’s always like a breath of fresh air, after a long and cold winter, to see these first signs of Spring! The honeybees are starting to come outside just a little bit more, and the first puffs of pollen can be seen on them as they return to the hive.

Things are buzzing at the meadery as well, as we prepare to release some new meads. Our Fig Orange Mead comes out on 3/14/15. This mead seems like Spring personified, golden, slightly floral, with a honey aroma and delicate fresh fig notes. There is a little caramel on the finish from roasting the figs. It pairs perfectly with a cheese plate, some walnuts, and prosciutto. Get those patio chairs out of storage, you’re going to need them.

We are working on some finishing touches to our Apple Cyser, aiming for a mid April 2015 release. This mead is made with fresh pressed apple cider from western NC, and Piedmont-region NC wildflower honey. It is fermented to dry, which results in a crisp, clean cyser with lovely apple and pear notes. A cyser is simply a style of mead, made with apple cider and honey.

Our Orange Blossom Mead, which has been aging for more than half a year, is almost ready too. This mead will definitely be worth the wait! It is a traditional style mead, which is made with only honey, water and yeast. We like to use a special honey in a traditional mead, since the honey is the star. Orange Blossom honey comes from hives placed in orange groves to pollinate the orange blossoms. The resulting honey has a lovely citrus and floral flavor, which comes across in the mead. Aging gives this mead an indescribable smoothness and complexity. We expect to release the Orange Blossom Mead in May 2015.

Cheers to Spring!


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