Summer solstice, June 21st, marks not only the official start of summertime, and the longest and most light filled day, but it represents our beginnings. We signed our lease on summer solstice 2013, and made our first batch, a strawberry mead, a year later on summer solstice 2014. For solstice 2015, we are marking our accomplishments by taking a summer vacation!

The latest issue of Inc magazine has a section devoted to doing more, maximizing your work time, and yet within the pages, we also notice a trend towards measuring productivity in a different way… taking time to reflect each day on your “accomplishments,” in the truest sense of that word, those things we can tick off our “to do” lists, but also not forgetting that some processes don’t fit perfectly in a “to do” list.

Some projects aren’t tidily summed up in a couple tasks that are completed in succession, but rather they need to percolate and simmer. So it’s good to recognize forward momentum, at the same time we note our daily accomplishments. Momentum is it’s own kind of accomplishment.

These business trends, to take stock of completed tasks as well as just “moving forward,” resonate with us. Mead is not something that is made quickly. Although we can and do chart its progress, we also have to be open to listening, tasting and sensing what’s up as it develops and changes. It tells us when it’s ready, and it doesn’t always fit within a flowchart.

So we are going on vacation this year, allowing ourselves to step away, and knowing that it will infuse the business with fresh perspective that comes from a rested place. Starting a business is so all-encompassing, blurring the lines between work and personal life, taking on a life of its own. We’ve been so lucky and happy to see this new life blossom, nurture along this new meadery, and dedicate our efforts every day to learning and improving. We’ve loved to release the new meads and see how they are received, worked to expand our reach, grow our fan base, and come in each day to create something special that gives not only to our community, but also feeds us.

As we enter the official summertime, we are reminded of years past when that meant running around with our neighborhood buds, playing kick the can, catching lightning bugs, going swimming, eating popsicles, riding bikes, or just hangin by the creek in the back yard.

We hope that you will take a break this summer, and take some time off from your busy schedules, from your “to do” lists, and your projects. Kick back and enjoy that unbridled joy that came when the school year ended, and a big ole summer loomed ahead. Explore your neighborhood, or go farther afield, with few priorities except being open to a new adventure.

The meadery will be closed on June 27th and July 4th. You can still find us at the Durham Farmers Market on July 4th, but otherwise picture an imaginary “gone fishing” sign on the meadery door for a couple weeks.


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